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Hm.. Whoops.
I had kinda forgotten that I had a job to attend... You know, I found a great group of folks in the subway tunnels. Nice people, sort of smelly. Except for the fellow who was trying to punch a ghost, and the woman that kept scratching her gash in front of me, nice people. Sortof reminds me of the realm.

But, I'm back in the apartments again... Finally bought a desk, so I don't have to lay on the floor, maybe I'll start giving more of a fuck what everyone's doing now.

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You are here too? Um. Not to imply that there is anything wrong with that, of course. Nor to imply that you would necessarily want to be here. If you do not. Um, yes. Hello?

Wow, it really must be empty at home now. I do hope that everything is getting done.

Well, considering that angry boatman is here too, no, I'm sure nothing's getting done. Hello to you as well, by the by. As for wanting to be here, I don't, but I can at least keep mildly entertained. How are you fairing?

No, I do not imagine that Styx will bother keeping anyone in line. It is rather disheartening.

It is, um. Different? Everyone is breathing, for one thing. Which is still rather odd. But I suppose it is okay for the moment.

I hope it is not too dreadful for you. There is a lot of space here, at least?

I find it loud and stupid. But there are pop-tarts.

Oh! I am pretty sure that they have those in the vending machine outside of class. Which ones would you recommend?

Beds are usually a better idea than desks.

Am I the only person who sits in bed with their laptop?

*facepalm* I don't think a desk would work very well...

... I meant I could put this computer on the desk instead of on the floor....

Well, don't I look observant? I never had a desk, since Sirius doesn't quite fit under one.

He probably wouldn't fit under an airplane hangar, honestly.

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