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Okay, honestly, I've been in here for nearly a week, I've watched every Clint Eastwood movie at Blockbuster, and I'm bored. The zombies are gone, which was, to say the least, a disappointment. I could have gotten a nicer apartment, but no, I wanted to be safe, spend half the money I have (Thank you, businessman, I hope that kick to the kidneys didn't hurt too much) on guns, and then all the undead turn back into people and nobody cares. The world of fleshbags is disgusting. And who the hell COOKS steak? This is idiotic, I want to go home.

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I want you to go home too. At least then I wouldn't have to hear all your bitching.

I don't care if you got a pretty little fleshsack body, you're still a grumpy old dick.


Wait, what the fuck?!

You'll adjust Cerberus. And, as much as I would prefer to stay this way until we can figure out how to fix it, things are never calm here for long.

Exactly why we should take the time to replenish the underworld's ranks.

How could that help us now? There isn't even anyone there to tend to them.

There's nothing wrong with stocking up on firearms between Cronus' bratfits.

I like the way you think. Let's go out for steak.

Cooked or raw?

Not that it makes that much difference since I eat mine rare.

Watch every movie at Blockbuster that doesn't have Clint Eastwood in it?

Why? Clint Eastwood is the one fleshsack I respect!

Just an idea since you said you're bored.

I just wish Hades'd give me something to do. I may just have to go hunting.

Would you like to roam the streets with me? A dark, moonless night is perfect for hunting prey.

Sirius is restless tonight, will you accompany me?

Fine by me. Let me get ready, I'm still trying to see where I can hide weapons in my clothes.

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